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Sometimes we have no choice, we work till dawn. When you work all night you become dizzy and your eyes hurt because you can�t take any breaks. Santa's Workshop takes you to the real world of China�s toy factories. Workers tell us about long working hours, low wages, and dangerous work places. Those who protest or try to organize trade unions risk imprisonment. Low labor costs attract more and more companies to China. Today more than 75% of our toys are made in China. But this industry takes its toll on the workers and on the environment.
The Scandinavian film makers do a good job of showing both sides of a the equation, the factory workers who are forced by their bosses to lie about the misery of their conditions and the multinationals who often dont realize what their bargaining is doing. What is obvious to me, is that the WTO needs to have regulations to protect workers health and safety and what is also obvious is that the WTO will never make strong regulations for workers unless we watch films like these to understand what is going on.

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